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This policy supports all students in establishing appropriate and effective relationships with others. This policy is published in the School Handbook and is available to parents on the school website or upon request. All students are made aware of the implications of this policy and are taught how to respond should they experience or become aware of any action, which could be construed as bullying. The means of accessing immediate support are clearly outlined to all.

In addition, student volunteers form The A Team – a trained and easily accessible group of peer mentors who students can approach for anti-bullying advice, help and support.

Our specific rules are published in the staff handbook which is produced annually. All students are made fully aware of these rules, the reasons for these rules and the implications of breaking these both for themselves and others.

In recognising that behaviour cannot be seen in isolation, we do contact parents when we believe there to be a particular concern and we welcome parents to do the same.

Anti Bullying Policy (PDF File)