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Ex-Students - Lost Exam Certificates

Students who sat their exams with the academy will need to:

Contact the exam boards they sat their exams with to request replacement certificates at cost to themselves. 

Please check the following exam board websites for further information and contact details about the processes and information required.

Exam Board









Ex-Students – Employer/Agency/Continuing Education Qualifications Checks

Due to Statutory Regulations and Academy Data Retention Polices we do not hold records for most students who have left the academy over two years ago.  Where there are records retained it is for a minority of students for the academy to fulfil its statutory obligations.

If you were a student in secondary school from September 2008 and require information about exams that were taken, or an employer or other education provider requires evidence of your prior learning, you may have a Personal Learning Record.  A Personal Learning Record lists all your exam achievements. You may be able to obtain this from the Learner Records Service. Please note that this service is not a substitute for lost or missing exam certificates.  You will still need to obtain these.  Please follow the information about Lost Exam Certificates above once you have your Personal Learning Record.  Please see the Department for Education/Department for Business and Skills Learning Records Service website for further information about Personal Learning Records and how to obtain them: