ISC & ASP Team


Meet the Team

Ms K.Armstrong – Team Leader

The Boss. A trenchant defender and supporter of the staff and pupils in her care. Lots of experience, expertise and knowledge in Special Educational Needs. Always seems to know a way forward.







Mr A. Lewis – SENDCO
By day; attends meetings and wrestles with the mountains of paperwork that is 21st Century Special Needs. By night; smooth, suave and sophisticated. Often seen at the roulette table with winning chips in one hand and a shaken vodka martini in the other. Always accompanied by a supermodel.
Mrs P.Whinfield –Teacher
Artistic and creative. She inspires the same traits in her charges. Smiles through adversity and has led the development and delivery of Media and Frog within the team.







Mr M. Thompson – Teacher
The team’s numeracy lead. As well as excellence in the classroom, gives up his time to develop the confidence and social skills of our older pupils. An excellent role model for our students.
Mr T. Straker – Teacher
Another young rising star. Demonstrates a wonderful, light but controlling style with our pupils. Has inspired a love of Geography in our Year 10 and 11 Groups. Currently enjoying another bout of fleeting Middlesbrough football success.







Ms G. Parr – HLTA
Usually heard before she is seen. A literacy wizard. She seems to miraculously raise the reading and spelling ages of our younger children, equipping them for success later in their school lives.
Ms A. Smith – HLTA
The team dyslexia expert. Has shown flair in working with social skills groups and in topic lessons. Helps our pupils to achieve a confidence about the world around them.







Ms Garvey TA
Cheerful and demonstrates endless patience when working 1-2-1 with pupils.  Always exudes an air of calmness.
Ms Conroy TA
Recent addition to the department. Has quietly grown in confidence and has seamlessly made herself one of the team. Seems to have a pied piper effect on children.


 IMG 3131





Miss Kelf TA
Straight to the point. A living proponent of the idea of ‘tough love’. Has high expectations of all of our pupils and seeks to support our pupils without stifling them.
Miss Lister TA
Miss Kelf’s partner in crime. Able to work effectively with some of our more ‘off beat’ children. Perceptive analysis of pupil behaviour and actions in lessons and willing to formulate and offer advice.







Mrs Burgess TA
A blonde bombshell. Very patient with pupils who are ‘pushing the buttons’ of other staff. Working hard to improve her mathematical skills.  Her loyalty is a virtue.
Mr Cowan TA
Cool dude. Talented musician who has gone up above and beyond to help a number of Year 11 pupils with GCSE commitments. Excellent relationships with some of our more difficult to reach pupils.







Miss Foulds TA
Always smiling and full of energy.  Usually seen bustling around the provision corridors and class rooms. Develops down to earth  relationships with our pupils.
Mr Hibbert TA
Father figure and one of the lads. Particularly strong with disinterested and misbehaving boys. Loves Sunderland football club. Is there anything in the club shop he has not bought?







Miss Hunter TA
Very determined and conscientious. Always seeking to find effective ways of supporting our children. An enthusiastic participant in all activities.
Miss Jones TA
Very glamorous. Never a hair out of place. Very prone to kissing and hugging other members of staff. Starts the day off at the entrance with a smile for our pupils.







Miss Lowthian TA
Farringdon through and through. Always able to bring her extensive experience to bear in learning situations. A team player who quietly gets on with the job.
Mr Moss TA
Has a possibly unique level of experiences as a TA and a teacher as well as having taught in both the Secondary and Primary sectors. Has been an invaluable mentor to Mr Straker and Mr Thompson.







Miss Ranton TA
Precise, efficient and industrious. Excellent supporting pupils in GCSE subjects. Always willing to defend our pupils when she perceives unfairness or injustice.
Mr Sheriff TA
Growing and developing professionally. Has shown excellence in the delivery of ICT to the Year11 Green GCSE group. Always willing to take on extra roles and responsibilities.  Also developing a growing expertise in Maths teaching.







Miss Sollis TA
Cheerfully efficient. Has developed excellent relationships with some very high maintenance pupils. Has shown commendable initiative with some new developments.  Has provided invaluable support in her administrative role for the SENDCO.
Miss Watson TA
An old Farringdon hand, steeped in experience and loyalty. Has always demonstrated initiative and independence. Selfless team player.


 IMG 3140





Mr Croft TA
Another newcomer. Has grown into the role of TA. Invaluable support and participation in PE where his relationships and practice have been exemplary.
MS Hope TA
Only started in September.  Has rapidly become one of the team.  Already adored by our younger pupils.




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