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Our pastoral system is one of a number of integral strands designed to ensure that your child’s time in Farringdon is both happy and productive.

Upon entry, each student is allocated to a tutor group in which we anticipate they will remain throughout their school career. These tutor groups are carefully composed and are a reflection of the widest spectrum of primary school experiences, abilities and interests.

The tutor is an important daily presence in your child’s life – someone who becomes known to them very quickly and who together with teaching staff will focus on ensuring your child feels safe and secure. This enables them to learn effectively and to fulfil their personal and academic potential.  

Each year group is served by a Pastoral Manager who manages the team of tutors. The Transition Manager will remain each year, the Y8-Y11 Managers and tutors move up with their groups.

    Year 7 – Mrs M Cartledge
    Year 8 – Miss D Phillips
    Year 9 – Mr D Horsley
    Year 10 – Mrs T Ramshaw
    Year 11 – Miss R Harris

The Pastoral Manager is the first point of contact for parents with regard to any issue involving your child.

Pastoral Managers form part of the pastoral management team which is led by the Assistant Headteacher, Pastoral. They also form part of the Social Inclusion Team and they seek through these groups to ensure that the quality of pastoral care is consistently of a high standard and that it supports your child in becoming the best they can be.