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On the 5th & 6th March 2019, our school News Team worked together to create articles for the
BBC Young Reporters 2019.

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Welcome to our news page.

News Team start of day DSCF2210
Meet the News Team After a busy day working hard on reporting
The news team always gets asked a question linked to the newsletter and the question today was ‘what is your favorite book?’ Click her to find out their answers.

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Primary Podcasts 

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This year, our films are uploaded to the BBC’s Young Reporter platform ‘Mixtal’. We are hoping to upload our reports not just for today but throughout the year. Click here to vist our Mixital page.

Primary School Podcasts -
Click on the Primary school logo to here their podcast.

 A Day in the life of Mr Holder

 Let's get quizzical!

  • 1. Entrance to school
    Mr Holder arrives at school reception.
  • 2
    Signing into school.
  • 3
    Talking to Ms Parker about the day ahead.
  • Set up for the day.
  • 5
    Senior Leadership Team Meeting.
  • 6
    Routine classroom checks.
  • 7
    Answering patrol calls.
  • 8
    Checking Consequences.
  • 9
    With the News Team - now onto several more jobs!
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A day in the life of the Headteacher. Mr Holder allowed us to see some of the things he does during a day.

        Books, books and more books!

This is just one of the questions that we randomly asked our houses.
Click here for the results.  

The crazy minds of Farringdon.

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 School News

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This is what our school has been up to... Here is a summary of what is happening in Sunderland today. 

Red Nose Day 

Washington Arts Gallery

World Book Day

Skipping Festival

Jesus College 

Alice Jewitt

Ex Students Success

Sunderland Student Engineering

Ofsted Seeing Progress in Sunderland