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Academy Aims

  • To provide a welcoming, safe and secure environment that is both calm and purposeful for the whole community
  • To develop and sustain a positive culture of learning and teaching
  • To model and expect a set of preferred behaviours based on mutual trust and respect, empathy, fairness and tolerance
  • For students to accept responsibility for their own behaviour and to encourage positive behaviour of others
  • To provide the opportunity for students to develop a sense of responsibility and strong values to assist them in becoming outstanding citizens
  • To encourage respect for others, property and our environment
  • To recognise the individual needs of others.


‘All students, irrespective of background, acquire the skills for life, take pride in what they do, who they are, and in their community, and become confident, respectable and upstanding citizens’.



Our Academy community is founded on the key values of respect, resilience, endeavour, high aspirations, high standards and expectations. These values permeate all aspects of Academy life and apply in equal measure to staff, students and governors.

We are an inclusive Academy which recognises the equality of each individual and their right to thrive within our community and we will support all our students through an inspiring curriculum which meets the needs of all.



We aim to work in partnership with the whole Academy community to encourage and promote the appropriate behaviour of students both within and outside of the classroom. An orderly atmosphere, consideration and respect for others with a significant emphasis on rewards are the key notes of our approach to behaviour. There is an expectation of high standards of behaviour which promote learning and respect, both for self and others at all times, within the Academy grounds, and also off site, when students are travelling between Academy and home or on Academy visits.