Our Vision

‘All students, irrespective of background, acquire the skills for life, take pride in what they do, who they are, and in their community, and become confident, respectable and upstanding citizens’.

Through our careers programme, curriculum and through our school ethos, we aim to ensure that students recognise the importance of CEIAG. Promoting a career development programme is an essential part of the mission and ethos of our school. We aim to support the aspirations of all our students to ensure that they gain the understanding, skills and experience they need to make progress and succeed in learning and work.

The Academy has a statutory duty to secure independent careers guidance for all year 8 to 11 students (The Education Act 2011 / Careers Guidance and Access for Education and Training Providers January 2018).

We believe that effective careers education and guidance not only contributes to the well-being of individuals but also to the well-being of their families, the communities to which they belong, wider society, businesses and the economy.

How we assess impact

Farringdon Community Academy measures and assesses the careers the impact of the careers programme on pupils by completing the compass evaluation tool, analysing destination data and through pupil, parent and employer voice.

Careers Leaders:

Name: Mr Roberts

Position: Head of Careers


Baker Clause Policy Statement
This policy statement below sets out Farringdon Community Academy’s arrangements for managing the access of providers to every student in Years 7 – 11 to discuss both academic and non-academic routes that are available to them as part of a  careers programme enabling all our students to make an informed choice about their post 16 provision. 

Careers Education Policy (pdf)

Provider Access Policy Statement 2022 (pdf)

Review date: June 2022