The information provided aims to support your child on their careers journey during their time at Farringdon Community Academy. You will find a variety of links that will help you guide your child through their key transition points (Yr7, Yr9, and Yr11)

Career Education Information and Advice

The careers offer provides an overview of the exciting careers programme that is available to your child. The careers offer will include employer talks and visits, opportunities to experience or hear about what is on offer at local and national Universities, information and guidance around college courses, apprenticeships and traineeships; and linking the curriculum with the world of work.

The aim of these opportunities is to provide direction and ultimately prepare students for the ‘next steps’. Career learning opportunities will be communicated through termly curriculum newsletter will be published to share experiences and celebrate success.

Careers programme offer (pdf)


Career Guidance

Career Guidance is an opportunity for students have a one-to-one meeting with a careers professional to discuss their ‘next steps’. All year 11 students will have their one-to-one meeting with Mr Roberts our Careers Advisor, or Debbie James from ToFC. Both advisors are level 6 trained.

Your child will be issued an appointment time before their meeting. This is an opportunity for your son to share their ideas and explore post 16 options, as well as receive information, advice and guidance to help make an informed decision.

Dates and times of open evening/information evenings and vacancies with local HE providers and employers will be shared via twitter and Facebook, along with emailed directly to students on the school account (office 365).

Career Guidance appointments can be requested for Yr9 students wishing to discuss their option choices. To make an appointment please contact Mr Roberts Careers Advisor.

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Career Guidance Meeting Letter 2021.docx

Career Guidance Handbook

Parent and Carers Helping your child begin their career journey

Qualification levels

Guidance letter Jan 2022 final

Work Experience

All Yr10 students will have the opportunity to engage in one week of work experience through      Unipres. Unlike traditional works experience,, our model focuses on a site visit followed by industry based tasks and presentations.

We believe this enables all students to experience first-hand experiences of the workplace to help them explore career opportunities. Engaging with work experience placements can significantly benefit students in areas of communication and interpersonal skills, increased confidence, increased understanding of the world of work and key industries, improved employability, increased maturity, team working skills, increased independence, enhanced independence, time-management skills, a clearer sense of career aspirations, greater motivation to engage in education, understanding educational and career pathways, easier transition from education to work, improved educational attainment and many more.

Labour Market Information (LMI)

Labour market information tells you about the local or national demand there is for different skills and from different industries. Labour market information tells you:

  • Which jobs are likely to be easiest or hardest to find in your area
  • Which are the big employers in different areas and which ones have jobs on offer
  • What skills employers are looking for and which are in short supply
  • How much you can expect to be paid in specific jobs
  • What working conditions are like
  • What qualifications will be most helpful if you want a certain career
  • What the jobs of the future might look like and which jobs might disappear
  • All of these factors can help your son make a more informed decision about what career path to take.

There are certain areas of industry where the North East performs strongly, and which is likely to grow in the future, based on what we know at the moment. In the North East, the sectors that we expect to grow in the future are: Digital Advanced manufacturing Health and life sciences Energy.

The North East have identified four main growth areas:

Advanced Engineering



Health & Life Sciences

LMI Bulletin March 2022




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