At Farringdon Community Academy we are proud of the pastoral care and support that we provide for our students. To further strengthen this, we have introduced a House system.

We want our House system to reflect the proud history and culture of Sunderland, along with the vision and the values of our Academy. We therefore decided to base our House system on the rich heritage of the ship building industry, an industry that was built on the hard work, endeavour, resilience and the aspiration to be the best in the world, all values that align themselves with Farringdon Community Academy.

Our House system comprises of 4 Houses, all named after famous shipyards in Sunderland. They are Thompson, Crown, Laing and Austin. Each House will consist of 8 tutor groups and will be supported by a Head of House, Progress Leader and a member of SLT. Your first port of call will always be the form tutor. It is the tutors who are, in effect, the students’ champions. It is the form tutor who best knows each child in a class of 30 students.

Heads of House will work closely with Form Tutors to ensure that the students, within their House, are supported effectively. They will provide support with behaviour and attendance whilst working with our most vulnerable students. Progress Leaders will monitor the progress of the students within their House and ensure action is taken to prevent underachievement. Details of your child’s Head of House and Progress Leader can be found on the individual House pages. Students will be easily identifiable by their distinct House tie, for boys, and badge for girls.

Our House system is designed to encourage an environment of reward and competition. Each year the houses will compete for the House Trophy. Students will gain points for their house through good attendance, good effort and achievement in their work, by contributing positively to the life of the Academy or by competing in one of the many House sports competitions we will run each year.