The three main strands of this aspect are:

Health and Wellbeing

Relationships and Sex Education

Living in the Wider World

The Personal Development programme includes work to improve students’ health and emotional wellbeing. PSHE and RSE develop students’ skills to manage relationships and be economically active and intend to give students the skills necessary to keep them safe, including keeping them safe in an ever changing virtual word. The main strands of this area of the programme are to promote students’ health and wellbeing. This includes personal health, looking after their mental health and healthy living, including diet and drugs and alcohol abuse education.

The PSHE and RSE aspects of this programme are arranged to ensure that age appropriate delivery is achieved to prepare students for each phase of their life and education. The SRE programme is delivered through a collaboration of the Personal Development Curriculum, the Religious Education Curriculum and the Science Curriculum. The RSE Policy is available on School Website.

Personal Development Education equips students with the knowledge, skills and attributes that they need to make informed decisions about their learning and work through a cohesive programme of careers education. They are supported in their journey with access to personalised information, advice and guidance from 6th Form colleges which will enable them to build up the confidence to take charge of their career development and effectively manage their own progression through learning and work. They also have opportunities to consider and prepare for a variety of employment options, for example, through work based learning, mock interviews and a range of Enrichment Day activities.