Our KS4 option site contains all the key information for each subject option. Within each subject option section, you will find course content details, Curriculum Leader video's, Job links and Further/ Higher Education pathways. 

I would encourage both students and Parents/ Carers to explore each section fully to support you in making an informed choice.  

Some students are already planning ahead and have a clear idea about what they want to do in the future, while others are still uncertain and need to keep their options as wide as possible. We have endeavoured to create Key Stage 4 pathways that will suit your child’s needs and abilities. Not all courses are appropriate for all students and we will do our best to guide your child into the best courses for them. 

Our KS4 curriculum has two parts: - 

CORE – key subjects which all students within the pathway study 

EXTENSION – A range of courses on offer at GCSE; L1/L2 Award or BTEC. Students will be able to continue studying two additional subjects – one from each of Groups B and C.   

At this stage, we must also highlight that we cannot give an absolute guarantee that every student will be able to study their preferred choices or that all courses will run. We will ask them to give a first and second preference in Extension groups B & C to help us find the best combination for their future studies and give us flexibility in our groupings.