Welcome to our Year 11 Support page. We aim to support our Year 11 students as much as we possibly can at this difficult time and will update this page as regularly as possible so that they can seek further information when it is available.

Year 11 Summer Exams Letter (pdf)

Dear Year 11 students,

We know that many of you are rightly asking questions about your studies and how you will be assessed over the last few months of your education, please see the letter below from Mr Holder and please attend our year group assembly on Teams at 2pm on Monday 11th January with Mrs Farley and Mr Roberts to hopefully provide clarity and answer your questions.
As always, we will endeavour to keep you all updated with any information as soon as we have it.

What you can do…

  • Attend your assembly on 11.01.21 at 2pm on Teams.
  • Follow your timetable and attend all online lessons.
  • Complete all homework and independent home study tasks your teachers set.
  • Keep all coursework, exercise books, completed exam papers and revision materials safe. Please DO NOT bring this evidence into school until it is requested/ you return to the Academy.
  • Continue to create your CV/ Record of Achievement (from the work we started on your Mock Results Day) pulling together your journey at Farringdon and all of the successes and experiences you have had.
  • Take up a new hobby (indoor), skill or learn something new! Widen your skills and impress future employees by offering something different. There are lots of free courses out there such as learning sign language at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Read, read and read! Enjoy taking some time to develop your reading skills and well, just enjoy a good book.
  • Conduct research into your chosen course/ pathway in Further Education so that you are clued up ready for starting the next phase in your exciting, new educational journey!

Most importantly, Year 11, please stay safe and follow the guidelines issued. Young people as well as older people are becoming infected and in some cases, they are being hospitalised. Please look after yourselves but also take responsibility and consider the role you play in protecting those around you; those you know and those you don’t.


washing hands

Take care.

 Support & Councelling

The school nurses have set up a ‘virtual drop in’, so that students can still contact them about health issues while schools are closed.

New Virtual School Nurse Drop-In (pdf)

New Emotional Health Nurse Virtual School Drop-In (pdf) 

Mental Health

Careers & Vocation Guidance

Career Links and Contacts (pdf)  

CV and personal Statement (EVEN MORE NOW IMPORTANT)

CV builder is a free service we've developed to help you build a professional, fully formatted CV from scratch in four easy steps. https://www.reed.co.uk/cvbuilder
Personal Statement  https://www.ucas.com/how-write-ucas-undergraduate-personalstatement


 Keeping Fit

Try keeping fit by doing some excercise from home, The Body Coach is planning live sessions daily for people at home, git it a go!