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Our Admissions Number in September 2022 will correspond with the Standard Number which is 180. Therefore, 180 places are available to students entering Year 7 in September 2022.

Parents intending to enrol their young person at Farringdon Community Academy at age 11 must be aware of the major change in the Admissions Policy which has applied from 1999 in the City of Sunderland owing to the impact of a legal judgement. An application for a place at the school can only be considered if parents express a preference for that particular school within defined time limits.

Failure to register a preference may result in local children not being allocated a place at the school. If a preference is expressed for another school by parents within our locality and the application is unsuccessful, parents must be advised that there is no guarantee of a place at Farringdon should their first preference not be met.

Applications for admission of students other than at age 11 should be made direct to the Local Authority Admissions Team, before contacting the school, where they will be met should vacancies exist. We do not normally enrol students after the beginning of Year 10.

Sunderland City Council - School Admissions

Admssions Policy 2023/24 (pdf)

Admssions Policy 2022/23 (pdf)

Admissions Policy 2021/22 (pdf)

Admissions to Secondary Schools 2022-2023 Booklet – Information for Parents (pdf)


Free school meals claims should be made by parent or carer using the Family Portal at: School Meals